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Fasces or Fascism? The Balbo Monument in Chicago

Fasces or Fascism? The Balbo Monument in Chicago

To commemorate Italo Balbo's transatlantic flight to the 1933 Chicago World's Fair, Mussolini sent the city a Roman column from Ostia, which still stands by a lakefront path near Soldier Field. Both the monument and street named for Balbo are in the news again as the nation reconsiders what our monuments mean. Is it possible to reconcile this symbol of Italian-American immigrant pride with its fascist roots? This panel will address Mussolini's use of Classical imagery and monuments in support of fascism, as well as the continued use of that imagery by contemporary white nationalist groups. 

A panel of Loyola faculty and alums will provide an overview of the monument and its context: Laura Gawlinski (Classical Studies), Anthony Cardoza (History), Andrew Donnelly (Classical Studies and History), Tim Libaris (BA-Classics). Q&A will follow. 

Wednesday, October 25, 5:30pm, Cudahy Science 202. All are welcome to attend.