I Want Help Exploring Ways to Ensure My Safety

The Deputy Title IX Coordinator can provide assistance with on-campus relocation or other supportive measures, including campus-specific no-contact orders, changes to work schedules, etc. 

Equity-Based Services (Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct, including Title IX)

An order of protection (sometimes called a no-contact order) is a document from a judge that tells a named perpetrator of gender-based violence to stop all contact or abuse or face legal penalties. An order of protection may include orders to:


  • Stop abusive acts
  • Stay away from you and other people protected by the order
  • Not contact you via telephone calls, mail, email, written notes, or third parties
  • Stay away from your home, school, or work

Obtaining an order of protection can be a confusing process. 


A person can ask for an Order of Protection by going to your local circuit clerk's office to file a petition on your own in civil court.


Additionally, Loyola's Campus Safety can assist you with obtaining an order of protection. Advocacy services also has contacts within the court system who can provide you with free legal assistance.


If you have an order of protection, protecting you from someone else, you may want to inform Campus Safety so that they have it on record. To do so, please email asksafety@luc.edu or stop into the Campus Safety office.