Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Dean of Students

Division of Student Development

Equity-Based Services (Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct, including Title IX)

The Office of the Dean of Students (DOS) provides assistance navigating the University's response to reports of discrimination and sexual misconduct.

If you or someone you know has recently been the target of discrimination, sexual misconduct, or retaliation, please submit a report. This form provides preliminary information to the Center for Student Assistance and Advocacy (CSAA) in the Office of the Dean of Students, and to the Office for Equity & Compliance (OEC) to assist in providing supportive measures and addressing alleged violations of Loyola University Chicago's Comprehensive Policy and Procedures for Addressing Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct, and Retaliation.

Once you submit this report, you may be contacted by someone from DOS or OEC if additional information is needed or if you yourself are the harmed party. Regardless of the nature of your report, the University will ensure that your information is forwarded to the most appropriate office to address the concerns. The information you provide will be treated as sensitive and private, and will only be shared as needed to address the concerns raised.

Gender-Based Misconduct (including Title IX)

*CLICK HERE for critical (and sometimes time-sensitive) information for survivors of sexual assault or other forms of gender-based misconduct.*

Like the other types of equity-based misconduct referenced above, gender-based misconduct is taken seriously at Loyola. Some gender-based misconduct is regulated by Title IX and related federal and state regulations.

Most University staff and faculty members are considered "responsible campus partners" and must inform the University whenever they become aware of known, disclosed, alleged, or otherwise reported (formally or informally) incidents of sexual misconduct.

Sensitive, trauma-informed outreach to the affected party will then be conducted, including an explanation of options available to the affected party, a preliminary review into the report to assess risk to the campus community, and personalized referrals to various supportive resources as needed.

Student survivors of gender-based misconduct who wish to speak to a confidential source on campus may contact Loyola's Sexual Assault Advocacy Line.

A DOS staff member can assist any student involved in a report or complaint with supportive measures. Please call 773-508-8840 for more information or to speak to a DOS staff member directly.