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History, Mission and Values


QUEST was launched in fall 2020. The first year included six undergraduate student mentors, 16 staff/faculty mentors, and 40 first-year student mentees. The first year was held virtually. Although it brought challenges, we were able to overcome that and create a virtual community.

Program Mission

The mission of QUEST is to provide support and encouragement that centers LGBTQ+ students through facilitated mentoring relationships with LGBTQ+ faculty and staff. The objective is to help students achieve success in all areas of their life and satisfaction as members of the Loyola University Chicago community. In connection with our Jesuit tradition, the program seeks to provide care for the entire person “cura personalis” as we guide, support, and challenge our LGBTQ+ Ramblers as they engage with the different academic and social aspects they will encounter at Loyola University Chicago.

Program Goals

  • To provide mentorship and coaching to queer students.
  • To foster mentoring relationships between students, faculty, and staff that will offer support, guidance, and resources to LGBTQ+ Ramblers.
  • To provide helpful resources to students as they explore issues related to identity development.
  • To help connect students to the larger LGBTQ+ community, both at Loyola University Chicago and the Chicagoland area.
  • To provide support for mentees who are in the process of coming out, or who feel they are currently unable to come out in their respective fields of study, engagement, etc.
  • To expose students to the diverse professional lives and opportunities of queer members of the Rambler community.
  • To increase visibility of queer professionals at Loyola.