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CDI curates several resources that seek to cultivate community and elevate critical consciousness. You can learn about each resource below.

Social Justice Toolkit (SJT)

The SJT is an online resource repository featuring books, articles, guides, social media accounts, videos, and other tools related to equity and justice. Access the SJT at https://tinyurl.com/sdmasjt

Engagement Opportunities

These opportunities are ways to learn more about our office offerings such as information sessions, informal engagements (e.g., tabling, resource fairs), and mini-workshopsThey serve as an introduction and/or department-participation of these opportunities for the institution. [REQUEST HERE]

Informal Engagements

The CDI team is prepared to engage in various ways. Informal engagements will be offered in 30-minute intervals but not exceed 120 minutes. If requesting this type of engagement, please be sure to include the request of pamphlets and materials if needed (subject to availability). Informal engagements may include but are not limited to tabling, orientation, admissions fairs.

Information Sessions

CDI 101 is an overview of programs, initiatives, and services offered by CDI. Groups may request a complete overview or select specific programs, initiatives, and services of their choosing. More information on our programs, initiatives and services can be found here.


Mini-workshops cover CDI’s programs, initiatives, and services (see CDI 101) while exploring intersectional identities through a lens of power, privilege, and oppression. 

Workshops and Trainings

CDI offers a series of workshops and trainings throughout the academic year. Click on the links below to learn more:
Share the Dream Ally Training
Safe Space Trainings
Social Justice Workshops