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Social Justice Workshops

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) offers a selection of social justice workshops to assist Loyola University Chicago students in advancing their understanding and learning of systems of power, privilege and oppression to develop the capacity and skills to build a more just and humane world.

CDI engages in consciousness raising efforts around critical issues and identity-based experiences. Developing a critical consciousness is about situating yourself in a social and historical context. It encourages individuals to continue developing and communicating your values and beliefs while practicing self-reflection. Critical consciousness fosters informed action and promotes social justice. By participating in our programs, students will:

  • Learn about perspective(s) different from one's own as it relates to privilege and oppression
  • Articulate how privileged and oppressed social identities intersect to influence an individual's experiences
  • Identify one or more strategies to intervene and disrupt systems of oppression on an individual, organizational or systemic level
  • Differentiate between a deficit-oriented and a strengths-based approach to empower one another

Open to any affiliated program or group aimed to support undergraduate, graduate, professional and/ or adult students at Loyola University Chicago (i.e. student clubs and organizations, residential communities, student employees, classes, etc.). Priority is for students and student-led organizations and programs.

Workshop Offerings

  • Exploring Identity, Power and Oppression
  • Identifying and Disrupting Microaggressions
  • Unpacking Ableism
  • Challenging White Supremacy Culture and Norms
  • Building a Culture of Consent in Your Organization
  • Developing Capacity and Skills to Move Towards Generative Conflict (Prerequisite: Building a Culture of Consent in Your Organization) 
  • Custom presentations are available upon request 4 weeks in advance and in consultation and collaborative with a CDI staff member.

Request a workshop here.