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Loyola University Chicago Empowering Sisterhood (LUCES)


Loyola University Chicago Empowering Sisterhood (LUCES) is an intergenerational and intersectional community that centers undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty, and alumni who self-identify as Womxn and People of Color (W/POC) at a Predominately White Institution (PWI).

The program objectives include building solidarity, empowering scholarship, and cultivating leadership for cisgender WOC, transgender WOC, gender non-conforming individuals, masculine of center (MOC) womxn of color, regardless of gender expression or sexual orientation. Transfer students are eligible and encouraged to join the LUCES community.


*The LUCES community uses the term ‘Womxn’ to be inclusive of all those that identify along the vast spectrum of womanhood regardless of gender presentation or sexual orientation. (i.e., cisgender & transgender women, gender non-conforming individuals, masculine of centered individuals)


LUCES Mentees will have the opportunity to:

  • Be matched with a peer mentor and staff or faculty mentor throughout their first year at Loyola. All mentors are past mentees of LUCES and/or staff and faculty with a significant institutional knowledge and understanding of resources.

  • Engage in 1:1 monthly meetings with their mentors to build community and identify supports and resources, and engage in identity development.

  • Participate in monthly engagements with the LUCES community centering identity development, social justice based dialogues, resources and supports, as well as topics of interest related to the student experience.

  • Attend the annual overnight off-campus LUCES Retreat.

  • Be eligible to participate in the Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Program in the spring semester and engage in activities to enhance transformative leadership skills.

  • Be a part of the greater CDI community!







  • Job description is available via LUC Handshake 
  • Application Link: http://tinyurl.com/CDILeaderApp24 
  • Applications will be open from Friday, January 19 to Friday, February 16, 2024  
  • Applications must be completed by 11pm (cst) on Friday, February 16 to be considered  
  • Interviews will be conducted from March 12 to March 20, 2024 


There is no fee to join the LUCES program. For questions, please email Ericka J Garcia at egarcia11@luc.edu