Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Dean of Students

Division of Student Development

Making a Referral

‌How to Refer a Student of Concern to the BCT

There are two primary ways to make a referral to the BCT:

  1. Submit a referral online - Loyola's online referral form is the preferred method to make a referral, and is accessible here. Referring through the online form provides a quick and confidential method to bring a concern to the attention of the BCT Leadership Team.

  2. Call the BCT Hotline at 773-508-8300 - During business hours, this number connects callers to the BCT Case Manager or other DOS staff. After hours, it provides a confidential voicemail to share a concern, and will always be reviewed the following business day.

In either case, your referral will be reviewed by the DOS staff, and all referrals will be addressed within one business day.

Considerations when Making a Referral

When referring a student of concern, the concerned individual should include all pertinent information pertaining to the student’s concerning behavior, while refraining from diagnosing or suspecting a mental health issue. It is particularly important to provide a detailed description of the incident or behavior that is causing concern, using language that is as specific, concise, and objective as possible.

If there are relevant documents to include (emailed communication, for example), concerned individuals should include them in the referral at the time of the submission.

Please note, any information submitted in a BCT referral becomes part of the student’s educational record (subject to FERPA) and may be disclosed to the student upon the student's request. For this reason, individuals (including faculty and staff) making a referral are encouraged in most cases* to inform students of their concerns and that they will be referring the student to the BCT to ensure that the student is resourced appropriately. (*Exceptions may be warranted in cases where a student may pose a potential threat to others, etc.)

What Occurs After a Student is Referred to the BCT

Once a referral has been made, the BCT Leadership Team will receive an automatic notification of the submission via email. The BCT Case Manager then reviews the referral and verifies the information. The BCT Case Manager may modify or update the referral as needed to record the most accurate depiction of the student concern. After review of the referral, appropriate outreach will be conducted, often within minutes but no later than one business day.

Depending on the information received, the BCT Case Manager may or may not ever contact the concerned party after reviewing the referral. However, if an individual ever has follow-up questions or concerns regarding the status of a referral, they are most welcome to contact the BCT Case Manager anytime.