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While it should be clear that Loyola University Chicago is invested in and cares about students' success, it is not always easy to know where to go to receive the specific support. This page is intended as a centralized resource for faculty, staff, campus partners, and anyone in the University community seeking assistance on behalf of a student in distress.

Equity-based Misconduct and Discrimination

Use for: Reporting alleged or suspected gender-based or bias-motivated misconduct by any student, staff, or faculty member; reporting any unethical or discriminatory conduct by any University employee (examples include reports of sexual assault, stalking, dating/domestic violence, and harassment/misconduct of any kind motivated by bias against a protected class such as race, religion, etc.)

Important note: Reports may be submitted anonymously; reports will be assigned to one or more University investigators for follow-up

Primary contact: Samantha Maher Sheahan, Associate Dean of Students and Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Office of the Dean of Students

Report an incidentClick here to report gender-based or bias-motivated misconduct  

CARE Services

Use for: Referring students who may need general assistance overcoming difficulties, navigating University systems, or getting connected to available resources (examples include students experiencing grief or loss, struggling with depression, or overcoming serious personal difficulties)

Important note: All reports will be addressed by a DOS staff member, but if a student is in crisis or imminent risk of harm, please call Campus Safety first (773-508-6039)                             

Primary contact: Cynthia Rosales-Rodriguez, Assistant Dean of Students and CARE Case Manager, Office of the Dean of Students

Submit a CARE referralClick here to submit a CARE referral

Behavioral Concerns Team (BCT) Services

Use for: Reporting students whose behavior presents a possible threat to the safety or well-being of oneself or others (examples include suicidal ideation, self-harm, violence or threats against others)

Important note: All reports will be addressed by a DOS staff member, but if a student is in crisis or imminent risk of harm, please call Campus Safety first (773.508.7233)

Primary contact: Amber Miller, Assistant Dean of Students & BCT Case Manager, Office of the Dean of Students

Submit a BCT referralClick here to submit a BCT referral

Academic Offerings

Academic Concerns Referrals

Used for: Academic Concerns referrals are appropriate when a faculty member seeks to raise a concern about academic performance, class attendance, or academic engagement.

Important note: Academic Concerns referrals are directed to Student Academic Services (SAS) for review and coordination with academic services and academic advising staff within SAS and across the Colleges/Schools.

Primary contact: Richard Rowlands, Assistant Director of Learning and Student Success, Division of Student Academic Services

Submit an Academic Concerns referralClick here to submit an Academic Concerns referral 


DOS General Contact Information

Note: Regular operating hours for all contacts below are 8:30 am-5:00 pm, Monday-Friday

  • DOS Main Number: 773-508-8840

  • BCT Consultation: 773-508-8300 (messages left after hours will be addressed the following business day)

  • DOS Email: DeanOfStudents@luc.edu

  • BCT Email: BCT@luc.edu

Other Helpful Contacts