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Tuition Insurance

Dewar Tuition Refund Plan

As an extension of Loyola’s refund policy tuition insurance protects your educational and financial investment from unexpected medical leaves or withdrawals. Loyola-Chicago partners with a private insurance provider, A.W.G. Dewar, Inc., with a choice of two completely voluntary plan options: a plan that covers tuition and mandatory fees OR a plan that covers tuition, mandatory fees, on-campus housing, and meal charges.

The Dewar website provides more information on qualifying conditions.

Note that there are two different procedures for purchasing Dewar Insurance depending on whether you are a:

  • Full-time undergraduate OR  
  • A part-time undergraduate, or in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, or in the Graduate School, Graduate School of Business or Law School.

Procedure for Full-Time Undergraduate Students

Full-time undergraduate students will have the choice, at the time of registration, to opt out of the Dewar Tuition Refund Plan or to change the pre-selected coverage type from the Off-Campus to the On-Campus option. If no change is made, the Off-campus option will be automatically selected.

To change the original selection, full-time undergraduate students will have until August 27, 2023, to notify the Bursar's Office of their decision. An email to dewar@luc.edu indicating the change in coverage is the only acceptable way to make this change. Please include the student Loyola ID number, student's name, and NEW choice in the correspondence.

Below are the current undergraduate rates based on the type of coverage:

2023-2024 School Year
Off-campus Option  Fall & Spring Semesters: Tuition and Fees $206.00
On-campus Option Fall & Spring Semesters: Tuition, Fees, On Campus Room & Board $274.00
Single Semesters or Quarters Visit Dewar Website

Procedure for students who are not full-time Undergraduates

Part-time undergraduates, students in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies or students in any Graduate or Law programs can still inquire about Tuition Insurance and rates directly with A.W.G. Dewar. You can select the amount of insurance you would like to purchase by visiting their website. You can then elect to purchase for both the Fall and Spring terms or just one term. You determine how much you want to insure after scholarships and grants. 

If you have questions about the plan details, you can find additional information on the Dewar website or by calling 617.774.1555.

Participation in the Dewar TRP is entirely optional. Loyola University Chicago does not endorse this or any other private tuition insurance program.