Loyola University Chicago

Division of Student Development

Timeline & Important Dates

The chart below reflects the timelines for multiple award processes that are coordinated within the Division of Student Development, as well as by campus partners whose awards are presented as part of the Excellence Awards Ceremony.

If you are nominating someone for an award, or if you are an award nominee completing a supplemental application, please carefully review the award criteria first. 

Please note: some information is subject to change. If it does, the website will be updated as soon as possible.

DateEvent in 2024 Awards Process


Student Employment Awards nominations open through email sent to hiring managers.

late January

The awards nomination processes open for the Maroon & Gold Society, Damen Award, Diversity Awards, and Graduate, Professional and Adult Student Awards (GPA Awards).

early February

The awards nomination processes opens for the Spirit of Laudato si’ – Student Sustainability Awards.


Student Organization Awards and Sorority & Fraternity Life Awards nomination processes opens through LUCommunity.


Student Employment Awards nomination process closes.


Nominations close for the Maroon & Gold Society, Damen Award, and Student Organization Awards by 11:59pm.


Supplemental applications due for Maroon & Gold Society, and Damen Award by 11:59pm. Nominations due for Sorority & Fraternity Life Awards.


Nomination deadline for GPA Awards and Diversity Awards.


Supplemental materials due for GPA Awards and Diversity Awards.


Nominations due for Spirit of Laudato si’ – Student Sustainability Awards

4/18, 6pm 

Excellence Awards Ceremony takes place (invitation only). At this ceremony, the following awards are presented: Damen Award, Diversity Awards, Student Employment Awards, GPA Awards, Spirit of Laudato Si' Sustainability Awards, Athletics Awards, and Arrupe College Award. In addition, Maroon & Gold Society Inductees are recognized.