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About the Leadership Institute 
The ability to navigate the rapidly evolving field of higher education takes resiliency, flexibility, and strategic visioning. The Division of Student Development (DSD) at Loyola University Chicago (LUC) is committed to providing professional development opportunities for staff that are aligned with the mission, and values of our institution, as well as our field. The Leadership Institute is a year-long cohort-based program for entry-level and mid-level full-time staff members. Although the program was developed by and primarily for staff in DSD, and in collaboration with the Division of University Marketing & Communication (UMC), participation in the program is also open to campus partners who work in other divisions. 

Program Components 

There are three key elements of the Leadership Institute: 
Professional Development Sessions: Throughout the fall semester on Thursdays between the hours of 2 and 4:30pm, a series of nine sessions will be offered to develop skills and knowledge. Depending on the topic, session times vary, with the majority expected to take 90 minutes to 2 hours. Participants are expected to attend all sessions. If exceptional circumstances (illness, family emergency, etc.) prevent someone from participating in up to two sessions, an alternative experience will be arranged. If a participant misses more than two sessions, that person will have a conversation with program coordinators to determine whether or not participation can continue.  
Project: In the spring semester, participants will work in small groups to propose and work on a project designed to address a need or issue on campus. The project should benefit students either directly, or indirectly through supporting professional development for staff. This element of the Leadership Institute is designed to help participants apply what they learned in the fall sessions. 
Relationship Building: Throughout the year, participants’ experiences with the Leadership Institute will be influenced by relationships. Actions will be taken to help foster a sense of community within the cohort. In addition, each participant will be encouraged to select someone in their lives to serve as a trusted partner (likely someone in their personal lives) to help them make meaning of what they are learning, thinking, and feeling as a result of being in the program. Participants will be asked to connect with a professional mentor to discuss session topics and work on the project. The coordinators of the Leadership Institute can assist with finding a mentor, but the participant will be responsible for communication and engagement with their mentors. 
Desired Outcomes 
As a result of completing the Leadership Institute, participants will: 

  • Further develop emotional intelligence and self-awareness 

  • Further develop leadership capacity, and leadership self-efficacy 

  • Enhance practical skills and knowledge to help them with their current roles, as well as to support career advancement 

  • Build relationships that will support them personally and professionally 

  • Enhance their professional networks 

  • Positively impact the LUC community through working on their projects 

More information will be provided to DSD staff and campus partners when applications are open for the next academic year. The application will be available on this website. This will typically happen in early May for people applying for the following academic year. LUC staff who are interested in being part of the 2024 - 2025 cohort are encouraged to apply here by the priority deadline of May 31, 2024. 

If you have questions, please contact Will Rodriguez, Jim Flavin, or Shannon Howes.

Testimonial from Participant in 2023 - 2024 Cohort

"The Leadership Institute provided a hugely beneficial teambuilding and networking opportunity with University partners across divisions. I had the chance to discuss a wide range of critical leadership topics with colleagues I might have otherwise never interacted with in my day to day duties, while learning from experienced administrators and leaders. I’m grateful to DSD and my department for providing the time, space, and resources for conversations that built a sense of staff community and have further developed a pipeline of leaders well versed in navigating the University and addressing challenges and opportunities in the higher education landscape." - Matt McDermott, Associate Director of External Communications, University Marketing and Communication

2023 - 2024 Inaugural Leadership Institute Cohort

  • Jamie Capetillo (Residence Life)

  • Claire Erlenborn​ (Campus Ministry) ​

  • Janet Fink (Wellness Center)

  • Michael Gawlik ​​(UMC) ​

  • Emmi Infante (Residence Life)

  • Hanna Kinney (Residence Life)

  • Casimir (Casey) Krajewski ​​(UMC)  

  • Joe Kvoriak (Campus Support & ​Conference Services)

  • Thomas Mannion (Residence Life)

  • Matt McDermott ​​(UMC)  

  • Anna Pirila ​​(UMC)  

  • Emily Ramstetter ​​(UMC) ​

  • Grace Riggert (Residence Life)

  • Cynthia Rosales-Rodriguez (Office of the Dean of Students)

  • Drew Schneider (Athletics) 

  • Sundas Shahid (Center for Student Engagement)

  • Melanie Stawkey (Campus Recreation)

  • Ryan Wong (Center for Student Engagement)

  • Destiny Woods ​​(UMC) 

  • Keondra Wright (Residence Life)

  • Gabrielle Young (Center for Student Engagement)