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Anti-Racist Pedagogy Certificate Program


The Anti-Racist Pedagogy Certificate program is a year-long series of seminars, workshops and related assignments designed to provide Loyola educators (including faculty, staff, graduate students, and other instructors) with pedagogical values and strategies to craft learning experiences that are anti-racist and anti-oppressive. Over the course of the certificate program, participants will enhance and deepen their understanding of, commitment to, and praxis of principles of anti-racist instruction while connecting with a cohort of colleagues undertaking the same endeavor. Topics will include: white supremacy writ large, structural racism in higher education, and anti-deficit thinking, among others. Skill development will include: combatting biases, decolonizing syllabi and programs, guiding constructive and inclusive discussions, among others.

The program will run from September ‘23 - ‘24, culminating in a symposium of final projects. Participants are expected to attend all content sessions and praxis circles, one of each type per month, totaling six (6) gatherings in the Fall semester, and six (6) in the Spring. For the strength, connection, and differentiated needs of the cohort, praxis circles will be split into two affinity groups: one for BIPOC-identified instructors and the other for White-identified instructors. Content sessions, however, will consist of the cohort as a whole and will not be split by affinity group.

Participants will be expected to complete pre-work before each content session, such as turning in assigned journal responses, reading book chapters, articles, and/or watching videos. Sessions will be offered virtually, biweekly, on a set day and time determined by the cohort members. If necessary, a recording of the content portion of sessions can be provided if you cannot attend the live session. Attendance will be taken.

Because these are cohort-based programs, we will try to meet the logistical needs of the cohort members by scheduling the sessions at the most advantageous times for the individuals involved. The meeting schedule will be set by the group once the members are identified.

Successful completion of the certificate program includes attendance at the sessions referenced above, keeping a reflective journal, and a final project (determined by the cohort members) to be set during Summer 2024, and completed sometime between Summer '24 and the end of Fall '24.


Registration for the 2023-24 Anti-Racist Pedagogy Certificate Program is now open. Click here to register for the program.

Certificate Outcomes 

Upon completion of this course, participants will garner a host of tools that expand their knowledge, skills, and values:  

ARPC Instructional Team, 2023-2024

Justin D. Wright

Anti-Oppressive Pedagogies Specialist — Faculty Development, FCIP

Dana K. Harmon

Anti-Oppressive Pedagogies Faculty Scholar


Diana Franco

Pedagogy of Justice Faculty Scholar


Paige Warren

Anti-Oppressive Pedagogies Faculty Scholar



If you have questions about the program, do not hesitate to contact us: jwright27@luc.edu or facultycenter@luc.edu 


If you have questions about the program, do not hesitate to contact us: jwright27@luc.edu or facultycenter@luc.edu