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Willa Poland-McClain

Willa Poland-McClain
Graduation Year
Dr. Paula Skye Tallman

Gender-based violence (GBV) is an umbrella term referring to violence perpetrated against someone due to unequal gendered power dynamics. Community-based primary intervention programs, which intervene before GBV occurs, can target underlying causes of GBV and empower communities. This research will explore the scope of literature on culturally-responsive methods of primary prevention of GBV, resulting in a publication. This will provide context for subsequent fieldwork in Tambogrande, Peru, where community members expressed concern over GBV and desire for educational programs targeting gender inequality. Fieldwork in Tambogrande will explore the cultural context related to GBV, existing community-based prevention programs, and opportunities for additional GBV prevention education. The goal is to identify the underlying factors contributing to GBV in this context, consider the effectiveness of various intervention strategies, and work to apply these recommendations to study communities in Tambogrande via our community partnerships in Peru. In partnership with local organizations in Peru, this work has the potential to promote gender equity and social justice via scholarly attention and action to prevent GBV in an area of high resource scarcity.