Loyola University Chicago

Gannon Center for Women and Leadership

Current Johnson Scholars

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    Alex Almanza

    An Analysis of Sanctuary City Policy in the City of Chicago
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    Marie Chamberlain

    The Impact of a Mindfulness Mobile Application on Compassion and Psychological Well-Being
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    Audrey Harris

    Evaluating Rape Myth Acceptance on Loyola University Chicago Campus
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    Sarah Strom

    Identifying Timely Diagnosis Barriers and Enablers in Young Breast Cancer Survivors
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    Farah Elhoumaidi

    Examining the Effect of Immigration Status on COVID-19 Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs within the Suburban Cook County Hispanic/Latinx Community
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    Theresa Fister

    Perceptions of Algorithmic Bias in Video Interviewing Software
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    Megan Grizzle

    Debating Gender Inequality in the American Social Sciences: Political and Institutional Explanations (1960-2020)
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    Anna Kutter

    New Deal Arts Policy, Democracy, and COVID-19: Why America Needs A New Federal Theatre Project
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    Arden Schultz

    Catholicism, Forgiveness, and Gender-Based Violence: A Survivor-Centered View