Loyola University Chicago

Gannon Center for Women and Leadership

Current Johnson Scholars

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    Deena Al-Ali

    A Cross-Cultural Examination of the Extent to Which the Religious Affiliation of Politicians, both Muslim and non-Muslims, Impacts Anti-Semitic Branding
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    Sofia Khatoon

    Affective, Sleep and Cognitive Outcomes across the Menarcheal Transition
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    Danielle Swenson

    Communication for Alzheimer's Treatment Success in Healthcare Intervention with Education (CATHIE Study)
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    Thérèse Giannini

    Discrimination Against Single Mothers in the Workplace
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    Madeline Grace

    Cook County Community Survey
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    Ruth Kristensen Cabrera

    The Self-Sustaining City: How Women, Trans, and Non-Binary Led Mutual Aid Can Increase Community Resilience in the Face of Social and Environmental Disasters
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    Sophie Maday

    The Invisible War: Media-Framing of Sexual Misconduct on University Campuses
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    Willa Poland-McClain

    Evaluating Interventions to Gender-Based Violence: Applied Research in Tambogrande, Peru