Entering Student Resources

  • Specialized Legal Writing Sections 
    The specialized legal writing section will supplant the standard Legal Writing I and II requirement for those selected students. Application information will be available in May.
  • Introduction to the Case Study Method and the Basics of Legal Writing Summer Course
    There is an optional one credit hour summer course offered to incoming students. The course prepares students to succeed immediately at Loyola by teaching strategies for reading cases, taking notes, and performing on exams. Students also learn the skills for excelling at two of the required first-year writing assignments: drafting legal memoranda and presenting an oral argument. This course is taught by adjunct professors from the Loyola University Chicago School of Law Writing Program. Students receive one hour of ungraded credit. Students will be billed in LOCUS for course tuition. Financial aid is not available. More information will be available in May.
  • Academic Calendar
    Please review the academic calendar for important dates.
  • A Selected List of Possible Readings for Prospective Law Students
  • Computing Services 
    All incoming law students will receive a Loyola email account and access to LOCUS (Loyola’s Online Connection to University Services). If you are considering purchasing a new laptop, please review the recommended specifications.
  • Books
    Loyola University Chicago’s Water Tower Campus Bookstore is located directly across the street from the School of Law. Loyola students can add Rambler Bucks to their campus card to purchase books at the Loyola bookstore. If a student is unsure of the total cost of books, supplies and other expected purchases, the Campus Card Office suggests contacting the bookstore with inquiries. Any funds not used in the purchase of books or supplies at the bookstore are non-refundable, but they can be used at any location that accepts Rambler Bucks.
  • Rambler Bucks
    Students can use the Charge Authorization Form to add Rambler Bucks to his/her campus card, while charging the amount requested to his/her student account in LOCUS. Funds can be added in increments of $100, but not exceeding $800 per semester. These funds will be placed on the campus card for immediate use, and the charge will then be added to the student account to be paid in full along with all tuition and fees. Students must comply with the assigned deadline for each term.
  • Loyola’s Writing Workshop
    The School of Law is pleased to offer incoming first-year students an opportunity to be part of an online writing workshop. The workshop is a no-credit, free of charge resource. Participation in the workshop is optional and voluntary. Registration is not required and you will be notified when the resource is available prior to the start of fall classes.
  • Staying Best Friends
    This program is designed for couples who would like to achieve their JD at Loyola and not lose their spouse or significant other in the process. One partner or both partners may be obtaining a JD to participate. Registration information will be provided prior to the start of fall classes.
  • Morning of Service  
    Loyola University Chicago School of Law is committed to the Jesuit tradition of service to others. Your first opportunity to participate in a service activity as a Loyola University Chicago School of Law student is during orientation week. The Morning of Service will also allow you to engage with upperclass students in an informal setting. Registration information will be provided in early summer.