A Message of Solidarity from Deans Kaufman and Gough

"Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue"
—Deuteronomy 16:20


Dear Friends,

On behalf of our law school community, we write to express our shared outrage at the continuing acts of racial terrorism and racial injustice that have forever gripped our country. We all have borne witness to the most recent of far too many examples—the killing of George Floyd—with waves of painful emotions: horror, mourning, sadness, and anger. If you’re like us, you also may be tempted to give in to a sense of helplessness.

But, as members of this great law school community, we are sure that you also have already begun to ask: how can we work together to heal our terribly broken world?

Inspired by our Jesuit Catholic tradition, let us stand with the victims of racial violence and racial injustice around the corner and around the globe. Let us continue to proclaim the truth of racial injustice in all of its many insidious forms. Let us give voice and power to the victims of racial injustice. Let us use the knowledge, skills, and values that we have learned at this law school to implement strategies that will eradicate systemic racial injustice. Let us work harder than ever to protect the rule of law and the right to vote. Let us always act in ways large and small that respect the equal dignity of every human being.

And, at this deeply troubling time in our history, let us rise as one law school community to accompany each other on a mission of reconciliation and justice.

With tremendous gratitude for the privilege of sharing this mission with you,

Dean Michael Kaufman & Assistant Dean Josie Gough