Loyola University Chicago


Dance Placement Assessment

Students should consult the course descriptions in order to best place themselves in the outlined skill proficiencies. We will hold a placement session for all incoming students into the Dance program on the Friday of move-in week for first year students. The Dance placement session allows students to ensure that they are enrolled in the correct level of applied technique courses as they begin their dance career at Loyola. Students will also have a chance to meet Dance faculty and hear more about the Dance program.

Who Should Attend

Only students registering for dance classes Level II and above should attend.

(Students registering for Introductory Level I courses need not attend.)

What to bring

Dancers need to be dressed in dance attire and with appropriate shoes for the techniques in which they wish to enroll.

Bring your full course schedule so that faculty can determine your availability in case we need to modify your schedule.

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