Loyola University Chicago


Tips for Class Registration

Get familiar with Loyola's academic foundation

Orientation is your first opportunity to explore your academic interests, and begin learning about the academic habits that will help you be successful Loyola student.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the University Core Curriculum. The University Core is your academic foundation at Loyola.
  2. Get acquainted with the First-Year Seminar, UNIV 101, which is required for all first-year students. If you are a transfer student, consider enrolling in the Transfer Seminar, UNIV 201.
  3. Understand credit hours. Each class has a certain number of credit hours based on the number of hours the class meets per week. For example, most classes are worth 3 credits and meet for 2.5 hours/week, meeting 1-3 times. Students need to earn at least 120 credits to graduate from Loyola. A full-time student is enrolled in 12-18 credits/semester, and we recommend that first-semester students enroll in 14-17 credits.
  4. Log-on to LOCUS using your Universal ID (UVID) and password. LOCUS is your first stop for academic and financial aid information, and many other resources.
  5. Explore LOCUS and take a look at the wide variety of available classes. You should also review your Academic Requirements Report (ARR) to get an idea of your Core and major requirements. Note that Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and dual-enrollment credits may not be present on your ARR before Orientation. Please make sure all of your scores and transcripts are submitted to Loyola before you participate in an Academic Advising Appointment. 
  6. Look for classes of interest to you. An Academic Advisor will assist you in selecting courses, however it may be helpful to have an idea of what types of courses you would like to take.
  7. Check your Loyola Email regularly to ensure you do not miss information and updates from your academic advisor, orientation leader, and University departments.