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Office of Research Services

ORS assists faculty and students at the Lake Shore and Water Tower campuses with externally funded research, training, and public service projects. ORS processes all applications for funding and is the official contact with sponsors for the life of each project. ORS oversees all compliance issues related to human participation, animal studies, radioactive materials or potentially hazardous agents. Furthermore, ORS is responsible for scholarly integrity, intellectual property (e.g. patents) and other activities associated with scholarship and external support.


Angelica Vaca

Director, Office of Research Services

Email: avaca1@luc.edu

Phone: (773) 508-2480

Andrew Ellis

Associate Director of Research Compliance

Email: aellis5@luc.edu

Phone: (773) 508-2689

Joanna Borowiec 

Research Administrator

Email: jborowiec@luc.edu 

Phone: (773) 508-2477

Pawel Grudysz

Database Analyst and Application Developer

Email: pgrudysz@luc.edu

Phone: (773) 508-8830

Marzena Nowicka

Research Administrator

Email: mnowicka@luc.edu 

Phone: (773)508-2985

Jennifer Rios

Office Manager/Internal Grants

Email: jrios1@luc.edu

Phone: (773)508-2128 

Compliance Assistant


Jamie Patrianakos

Compliance Assistant


Phone: (773) 508-7480

If you have questions regarding a proposal and/or are unsure of who to contact, please click Here. 

If you have questions about administering a grant, please click Here.

Research Compliance Committee Chairs and Officials

David Ensminger

Institutional Review Board (Human Subjects)

Email: Densmin@luc.edu 

Phone: (312) 915-6800

Martin B. Berg, Professor

IACUC (Animal Subjects)

Email: mberg@luc.edu

Phone: (773) 508-8853

Hejna, Matthew

Research & Grad Studies HSCEmail: mhejna@luc.edu 

Director of CTRE Operations

Phone: (708) 216-6738

RSSI, Eli Port

Radiation Safety Officer

Email: eport1@luc.edu

Phone: (773) 508-3640

Bryan Pickett, Ph.D.

Biosafety Official

Email: fpickett@luc.edu

Phone: (773) 508-3367

Andrew Ellis

Radiation Safety Chairperson

Email: aellis5@luc.edu

Phone: (773) 508-2689

We can be reached in the following ways:

Email: ORS@luc.edu

Phone:(773) 508-2471

Fax: (773) 508-8942

S. Mail:

Office of Research Services
6439 N. Sheridan Road
Granada Center, Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60626 

Private Courier (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc):

Research Services
6439 N. Sheridan Road
Granada Center, Ste. 400
Chicago, IL 60626 

In Person:

We are located in room 400 of the Granada Center Building on the Lake Shore Campus. Click Here for a map of the Lake Shore Campus.


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