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Radiation Safety

This manual has been prepared for Loyola University staff working with radioactive material, radiation producing machines or other potentially hazardous sources of ionizing radiation. All uses of radioactive material and/or radiation machines are subject to the rules and regulations contained or referred to in this manual and have been subjected to prior review and approval by the Radiation Safety Committee.

A copy of this manual shall be available in each laboratory using sources of radiation. If you have any questions regarding the contents of this manual or any other matter related to the use of radioactive material or other sources of ionizing radiation, please call the Radiation Safety Officer, Eli Port (RSSI), at 847-965-1999.

In case of an emergency involving radioactive material, immediately call Radiation Safety Services, Inc. (RSSI) at 847-965-1999.

  1. Definitions
  2. Reporting Emergencies Involving Radioactive Material
  3. Radiation Safety Program Organization
  4. Instrument Calibration and Operability Checks
  5. Personnel Training Program
  6. Procedures for Ordering and Receiving Radioactive Material
  7. General Rules For Safe Use of Radioactive Material
  8. Emergency Procedures
  9. Area Survey Procedures
  10. Waste Disposal
  11. Bioassay Program
  12. Personnel Monitoring
  13. ALARA

NEW! Online Compliance Project Management Program

The Loyola University Office of Research Services launched a new online proposal submission and tracking system called "CAP" (short for Compliance Approval Portal). This new program is the portal for managing all your projects that require submission to the Radiation Safety Committee.

The ORS understand that transitioning to the new web-based system may pose challenges. If you have questions, need assistance, or have feedback, please do not hesitate to contact Andrew Ellis, Director of Research Compliance, at aellis5@luc.edu or by telephone at 773-508-2689.

Radiation Safety Training Record Form
Radiation Safety Manual (Word)

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