Loyola University Chicago

Office of Research Services



Research Compliance Overview

ORS provides support services to both the committees charged with overseeing different types of activates as well as the research community. We can help you obtain proper approval for your research and apply for permits from governmental agencies (both federal and local) if they are required.

Many research activities require compliance with federal, state, local, or granting agency requirements.  In most cases, the research cannot begin without such compliance assurances. It is often advantageous to begin the process of obtaining compliance assurances at the time the grant application is made to be able to start the research program as soon as a grant award is made, rather than waiting to obtain compliance assurances.

Remember, in most cases, the Loyola University of Chicago polices are applicable to all members of the community, the faculty, staff, and student body. If you have any questions about which research policies apply to you, please contact Andrew Ellis, Director for Research Compliance aellis5@luc.edu


Research Compliance Training

ORS provides several training programs to help researchers meet the requirements of the regulations. Be sure to complete the training ahead of your planned research; in some cases you will not be able to submit a proposal without proving all members of the research team are adequately trained. Training records should be current and on file with ORS.

Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarship (RCRS) is a formal training program designed to satisfy the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, and LUC Policy requirements for researchers that require evidence of formal ethics education. Please visit the RCRS website.

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program: LUC subscribes to this online training program to give researchers working with human or animals subjects quick and easy basic training of the responsibilities for their work with these subjects. Required by the IRB and the IACUC, the appropriate modules of this training must be completed by all personnel involved in the study prior to submission of a proposal to the committee.