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Lakeside Proposal Submission

There are several internal services available to you as you prepare your proposal submissions. If you’re new to the process, please take the time to read through the instructions below. If you’re familiar with all ORS services and procedures, you can go directly to the PTAP login screen.

  1. Contact your designated ‌ORS Research Administrator Listing (RA)  as soon as you plan on starting a proposal. Your RA will provide details on all of the assistance that ORS can offer you. If your proposal is being submitted to a corporation or private foundation, your RA will coordinate the proposal submission with the office of Corporate and Foundation Relations.

  2. If you have not done so already, sign up for a PTAP account. The PTAP system is an internal, electronic form that you must complete for every proposal. More detailed instructions may be found here. Your RA can also answer any questions you may have about this system.

  3. Have your RA review and approve the final PTAP document before it is printed for signatures. ORS is happy to obtain all signatures for you, but you are welcome to discuss other options for this process with your RA.

  4. To ensure that ORS has sufficient time to review your proposal, including the budget calculations, please complete all paperwork and send a completed draft of your proposal at least five business days before the submission deadline. For proposals to private sponsors, please contact your Research Administrator at least two weeks in advance of the deadline to allow time for coordination with the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations.

  5. More detailed advice for writing your proposal may be found here.

  6. Contact ORS here with any questions!