Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology

Developmental Psychology Faculty Interests

Associate Professor
Contextual influences on development, especially organized extracurricular activities; Social emotional adjustment; Developmental psychopathology; Obesity.
Associate Professor
Language development; Second language development and reading; Impact of emotion on cognitive processes; Social cognition and stereotype formation.
Assistant Professor
Language development; Bilingual and second language learning; Connection between language and literacy; Classroom talk; Language input; Syntactic priming.
Professor; Maude C. Clarke Chair in Humanistic Psychology
Violence, poverty and trauma in the lives of children and youth; Issues of meaning and spirituality in the lives of youth.
Assistant Professor
Developmental cognitive neuroscience; Attention, information processing, and recognition memory in typically developing infants and infants at increased risk of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) 
Learning in museums; Parent-child conversational interactions; Autobiographical and event memory; narrative development
Associate Professor
Self-regulation, school readiness, and academic achievement; early childhood through emerging adulthood; Child care, education, intervention, and policy; poverty, risk, and resilience; Ethnic minority, immigrant children.
Assistant Professor
How children and adults learn, generalize and retain information learned through action and gesture; how this differs based on an individual’s ability to interpret movement as meaningful; how this differs based on whether action and gesture are performed by a learner or teacher.
Other affiliated faculty from the Psychology Department, School of Education, and the Erikson Institute, contribute to our strengths in offering excellent training in basic and applied research, longitudinal methods, developmental neuroscience, development in the context of schools and out-of-school educational settings, and family and community influences over the life course.