Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology

PSYC 399 - Special Studies in Psychology

Students working in a research lab under the direction of a psychology faculty member may receive course credit for their participation. Students seeking to enter a graduate research program in psychology or related field may find this option particularly attractive as it not only gives students additional research experience in psychology but also permits students an important mentoring relationship with a faculty member in the department.
  • Students may take from 1 to 3 hours of credit each semester. 
  • A total of 9 hours of PSYC 399 may be taken, however, only a total of 3 hours of credit of either PSYC 399 or 397 may count toward the 12-course major requirement. Students taking honors will only receive credit towards the major for PSYC 369/370.  Additional credit hours will count towards university credit but not towards the major.
  • To register for PSYC 399 talk with a faculty sponsor. 


Students should discuss with a faculty member the possibility of completing PSYC 399. If a faculty member is willing then the ‌ must be completed by the student and faculty member and be submitted by the faculty member to the Undergraduate Program Director (psyc-ugrad@luc.edu) by 5pm on the first Thursday of instruction of the semester that PSYC 399 will be taken. Once it is approved the student will be registered and both the student and faculty member will be notified by the department. Contracts submitted directly by students will not be accepted. Early submission of the PSYC399 Contract is encouraged.
If you are interested in registering for PSYC 399, please verify that you are not registered for more than 18 credit hours with the addition of these credits.  If you are, you must complete the Appeal to Register for Over the Credit Hour Limit form and submit it to your CAS advisor.  Once your advisor has approved your request your mentor may submit your form to psyc-ugrad@luc.edu.