For information on registration process, please see the following:


Curriculum Requirements
Before students' first registration and periodically throughout their academic program, the Quinlan School of Business advises that they discuss course selections and curriculum with an academic advisor. To schedule an appointment, visit academic advising for a list of academic advisors and their contact information.

Immunization Requirement
Immunization is only required of students enrolled in more than six credits per quarter. Those who do not comply will be unable to register for courses in the upcoming quarter until the proper documentation is submitted. For more information, visit the Office of Registration and Records.

Registration Online: LOCUS

All Loyola students register for classes using Loyola's Online Connection to University Services (LOCUS). LOCUS can be used to add or drop classes, perform course searches, view or print your class schedule and print unofficial transcripts.

Closed Course Request

Students may request to be added to a closed course. Priority is given to students who need the course to graduate that quarter. All other considerations are based on class size, course structure, etc. Students should keep checking LOCUS to see if seats become available. The student is notified one or two weeks before the course begins if they were added or not. Only the online request form is accepted. Please complete all information. Incomplete forms will not be considered.

  • Closed Course Request

Late Registration

Students who make their first registration for the term the first day of the quarter or later will be charged a late registration fee. Current fees for late registration can be found of the Office of the Bursar website.

Student may not add classes after the end of the official course registration period (the end of the first week of the term).

The Dean's office will not add a course retroactively and, thus, grades will not be recorded for a course in which the student was not officially registered. Students attending a course for which they are not officially registered are in violation of University Policy.