Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work


Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

BSW Major CoursesCredit Hours
SOWK 200: Introduction to Social Work 3
SOWK 301: Practice Skills with Individuals and Families 3
SOWK 302: Integrated Micro/Mezzo/Macro Theory and Practice 3
SOWK 303: Group Work Practice in Social Work: Micro/Mezzo/Macro 3
SOWK 305: Lifespan Development, Human Behavior, Trauma, and Theory 3
SOWK 307: Social Work Policy and Community Intervention 3
SOWK 330: Field I and Simulated Experience 3.5
SOWK 340: Field II and Simulated Experience 3.5
SOWK 350: Preparation for Practice 3
SOWK 362: Field Seminar Foundations 1
SOWK 370: Power, Oppresion, Privilege, and Social Justice 3
SOWK 390: Research and Evaluation in Social Work Practice 3
SOWK 380: Assessment of Client Concerns in Context 3

38 credit hours to complete the required BSW courses 
15 credit hours are required social science courses (PSYC 101, SOCL 101 + 9 credits of social science electives)

University Core Requirements: Loyola undergraduates also are required to fulfill core curriculum requirements.

Requirements for Field Placement: All students who plan to graduate with a BSW must fulfill the requirement of a one-year practicum in a community agency designed and approved by the School of Social Work. For more information, see Fieldwork. 

General electives: Students take approximately 25 credit hours of general electives. You may consider taking courses that can count towards a double major, a minor, or towards your MSW. For social work electives that are taken during your BSW, up to two courses may count toward your MSW coursework.

Graduate elective options: 700 level courses are open to both undergraduate seniors and graduate students. If an undergraduate earns a B or better, these courses can count towards the MSW requirements. SOWK 205 and SOWK 361 Special Topics courses also count as elective options that count towards the MSW requirements. Undergraduates may take up to two courses senior year that count towards their graduate record.