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University Home Page (LUC.edu)

Audience: Current Students, Prospective Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni

The Loyola University Chicago home page receives an estimated 40,000 unique page views a day. Of those page views, roughly 60 percent are internal and 40 percent are external. The site has many impressions and less focus.

There are two sections of the University home page that change on a regular basis. The first is the News and Events column, which lists headlines and calendar items of interest to the University audience or have strategic importance, as defined by UMC. Requests for this space can be made through the Internal Communication/Media Relations team or through your department’s site content coordinator and UMC Web project manager.

The second available space is the large  presentation of features in the main image and "News and Features" area that highlight items of strategic importance, as determined by UMC. Requests for this space can be made to John Drevs, University Web Content Manager. Design for this space is at the discretion of UMC.

Individual School Department/Organization Website

Audience: Current Students, Prospective Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni

Description: Each individual school, department, and organization* maintains a Web presence through the University’s Web Content Management System (CMS). Each of these sites has an identified site content coordinator that manages and maintains this presence. This site should be seen as the primary vehicle for presenting Web content to your specific and targeted audiences.
*Student organizations’ Web presences are offered through Information Technology Services (ITS) and are not typically part of the CMS.

Individual School/Department/Organization Home Page

Audiences: Current Students, Prospective Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni

Description: The marketing reach for these sites varies widely by the School/Department/Organization. Compared to the University website, these sites will likely have fewer impressions and more focus. The available areas to change are the News and Events column and the photos in the main graphic area. These locations accept short headlines and general imagery. These areas are controlled by the UMC Web Team and the individual School/Department/Organization site content coordinators.

John Drevs Associate Vice President of Digital Marketing and Communication 312.915.6941 312.915.6941
jdrevs@luc.edu Jill Grech Director, Digital Strategy 312.915.6402 312.915.6402
jgrech1@luc.edu Stephen Ravenscraft Senior Web Designer 312.915.6367 312.915.6367
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