Loyola University Chicago

Women's Studies and Gender Studies

Program Requirements

When students have been admitted to both Theology and Women’s Studies and Gender Studies, they may then apply for the dual degree program via the liaisons for each program. Students will work with both graduate program directors to arrange to complete the requirements for both programs and to coordinate scheduling.

It is possible to obtain both degrees in two years or less, but some students may choose to extend the program as needed, depending on their personal situation, special interests, and course offerings.

Upon completion of the program, all WSGS students do a capstone presentation -- reflecting on the culmination of their work in the program as well as future applications of their WSGS curriculum -- at the biannual WSGS capstone ceremony and celebration.

Along with the capstone presentation, students are required to submit a brief synthesis paper and annotated bibliography of ten sources in Women’s Studies and Gender Studies that have been influential to their work.