Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Provost


Welcome Back!

January 22, 2024


Dear Faculty and Staff,


As we embark on a new semester, I extend a warm welcome back to each of you. Your dedication and unwavering commitment to our students and our University's mission is a constant source of inspiration. I am sincerely grateful for the tireless efforts you invest in the pursuit of academic excellence.


In our classrooms and community interactions, let us embrace a spirit of discernment and care, engaging in discussions with a compassionate understanding of the diverse perspectives our students bring to the table. Our role extends beyond imparting knowledge; we are mentors accompanying students through a complex world. Our own commitment to modeling and promoting civil discourse and a culture of respect helps create an environment where intellectual growth and personal development thrive.


Please take a moment to reflect on a recent message from Dr. Keith Champagne to our students, encouraging responsibility, empathy, and resilience in the face of challenging times. Let us echo these sentiments in our interactions with one another and with our students, creating a community characterized by compassion and mutual support.


For faculty, the Provost's Office is committed to supporting you on this journey and to providing resources to enhance professional development. We believe in the power of continuous learning, and we invite you to explore the opportunities available to further enrich your teaching and scholarship. You can find opportunities for workshops, seminars and funding to support scholarly and creative activities, professional advancement, and interdisciplinary connections on the Faculty Development website. As part of our ongoing collaboration, I encourage you to engage with the 2024 Faculty Climate Survey, which is scheduled to launch on January 23 and close on February 13.


I urge each of you to practice care for yourselves by taking advantage of the resources available at Loyola, as previously communicated, including the University‚Äôs Employee Assistance Program (EAP) program. 


Thank you for your ongoing work in our shared mission.


Warm regards,


Margaret Faut Callahan, CRNA, PhD, FNAP, FAAN

Provost and Chief Academic Officer