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Office of the Bursar

Billing Information

Loyola generates electronic bills (e-Bills) every month for student accounts that have balances. Students are notified by an email to their Loyola email account when a new e-Bill is generated. Loyola does not mail paper bills. Visit our e-Bill site to find more information on:

  • Accessing Your e-Bill
  • Making Payments
  • Parent and Guest Access to e-Bills

Initial e-Bill statements will include charges and anticipated financial assistance as of the invoice date. Any charges not covered by anticipated financial assistance are due by the tuition due date for each specific bill.

Thereafter, e-Bills are generated on the 15th of each month, and any new charges are due on the 5th of the following month. Subsequent statements will reflect all account activity since the prior month billing statement and the balance forward from the previous statement. Charges listed on the previous statement that are not paid by the due date will be considered past due at that time. The Office of the Bursar maintains the right to assess a late payment fee of 1.5% of the past due balance on the student's account.

Remember: Similar to a bank statement, your e-Bill is a snapshot of your account on the day it was generated. Payments or other credits received thereafter will not show up until the next e-Bill is generated. All real-time account information can be found in LOCUS under Financial Account and Account Summary by Term.

Please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance if you are expecting financial assistance that is not shown as anticipated aid on your billing statement.

Undergraduate / Graduate Due Dates

Terme-Bill GeneratedTuition Due Date
Fall July 15 August 5
Winter October 15 November 5
Spring December 15 January 5
J-Term December 15 January 5
Summer April 15 May 5

Stritch School of Medicine Due Dates

TermStudent Levele-Bill GeneratedTuition Due Date
Fall M1 & M2 July 15 August 5
  M3 & M4 June 15 July 5
Spring All Levels December 15 January 5

To review a summary of your account activity online, please refer to your Account Summary by Term screen in LOCUS.

By registering for classes, the student acknowledges that he or she is responsible for paying all tuition and other fees associated with these classes. Additionally, by choosing to reside in Loyola's residence halls, selecting a meal plan or parking permit, opting to use Rambler Bucks through a Charge Authorization or requesting any other expenses, the student acknowledges that he or she is responsible for paying such excess fees. In the event a student's account is past due, Loyola may turn the balance over to a collection agency. The student would then be responsible for all fees and costs incurred by Loyola for the collection of the past due amount, including collection fees and/or attorneys' fees.

The Office of the Bursar maintains the right to assess a late payment fee of 1.5% to any past due balances on a student's account. For more information, click here.

If you wish to dispute a charge on your bill, please write to:

John Campbell, Bursar

1032 West Sheridan Rd

Chicago, IL 60660

Disputes should be received within 30 days of the date of the bill.


Please include the following information

  • student name
  • account number
  • the dollar amount that is disputed
  • a description of the error and an explanation of why you believe there is an error

Any outside communications concerning the dispute must also be sent to the Bursar. Please do not submit communications about your bill with your payments.