Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Bursar


To waive your health insurance premium, follow the steps outlined in LOCUS under Financial Account and Student Health Insurance.

Once you have waived out of Loyola's health insurance program, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Keep this e-mail for your records. You will be asked to present this e-mail in the event of a waiver dispute.

Yes, if you would like to pay your education expenses in monthly installments, Loyola offers the Loyola iPlan. Enrollment is available through LOCUS. Visit the iPlan website for more information. Note: The iPlan is not available for Medical Students.

To view tuition rates, visit the Tuition and Fees page.

Electronic billing statements are generated on the 15th day of every month and can be found on LOCUS. Any charges not covered by financial aid are due on the 5th day of the following month. E-Bills notifications will be sent to the student's Loyola email address as well as the email of any third party the student has set up to have Parent/Guest Access to the e-Bills.

In addition, you are always able to check your most up-to-date account information in LOCUS under Financial Account and Account Summary by Term. If a charge on the e-Bill is incorrect, students should contact the Bursar's Office. More information on e-Bills can be found at Electronic Billing.

You may verify whether your payment has been received by logging onto LOCUS and selecting Financial Account and Account Summary by Term. If you receive an e-Bill but you know that you have sent a payment, it is possible your payment arrived after your e-Bill was generated. Contact the Bursar's Office if your payment cannot be verified on LOCUS.

We accept cash, checks, e-checks (ACH), and credit cards. ACH and credit card payments may be made through LOCUS. Loyola accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa online via TouchNet PayPath. There is a 2.95% non-refundable charge for credit card use. There is no fee for using ACH online.

Payments should be mailed to:

Loyola University Chicago
3953 Solutions Center
Chicago, IL 60677-3009

Please include the payment coupon found with your e-Bill and your student ID number including the zeros on checks or money orders sent as a tuition payment.

You may also pay in person at one of our cashier offices:

Lake Shore Campus: Sullivan Center Suite 190
Water Tower Campus: 25 E. Pearson Lobby, Corboy Law Center

The Office of the Bursar reserves the right to assess a late fee at any point after the payment due date for unpaid accounts. The late fee is 1.5% of the unpaid balance and may be assessed every 30 days until the account is paid in full.

There is a one-time graduation fee of $60 that is charged to all undergraduate student accounts once a student completes his or her 90th credit hour.  For ABSN students this fee is charged upon completion for the student's 30th credit hour.

Students are charged a one-time matriculation fee of $100 that combines administrative fees and graduation fees for graduate students. The one-time matriculation fee is paid during the first term (semester or quarter) of enrollment for master's or doctoral degree-granting students, and the fee is posted to student accounts automatically. Certificate and non-degree students will not be charged a matriculation fee. There is no fee associated with an application for graduation for a master's or doctoral degree. Students who do not graduate as expected, but plan to graduate during a future term, are still required to complete and submit a new application for graduation to their Dean's Office. There will be no fee associated with re-applying for graduation. Students who participate in the commencement ceremony will still pay the costs to purchase or rent regalia. Note: The Graduation and/or Matriculation Fees do not apply to Law Students.

The Student Development Fee (also known as Student Development Services and Program Fees) are charged by the Division of Student Development during the Fall and Spring semesters to all undergraduate and graduate students. It is also charged to undergraduate students during the Summer. This fee funds multiple programs and services for students depending upon the term. Some of the services include: the Wellness Center, Halas membership, shuttle bus, and 8-ride programs. A portion of the fee is given back to the student in the form of funding for clubs and organizations. In addition, the fee funds a few special events organized by the students and administrators. Find more information about the Student Development Fee from the Division of Student Development page.

Students enrolled in communications courses are charged a small fee to offset the use of equipment and labs, which are utilized by all classes, and even some internships.  The School of Communication has state-of-the-art labs and field equipment available for all students, and it is crucial to regularly update software and hardware so that students can remain competitive in the marketplace.

You may view holds on your registration on LOCUS, Loyola's online student services. For a financial hold to be removed, all debts and requirements must be met. Unmet debts will prevent you from receiving a transcript or your diploma. Furthermore, you will not be able to register for future terms until your account balance is at $0.00.  Please note that any payments made by personal check may be held for up to 14 business days before officially clearing the account of any holds or debts.

If you have signed up for an installment plan (iPlan), your account will have a service indicator attached to it. This service indicator does not block your ability to register. This is merely an indicator that you are enrolled in an installment plan.

You may verify that a refund check or direct deposit has been generated and for how much by checking your tuition account in LOCUS. Full details are available on the Refunds page.

If you are having difficulties paying your tuition balance, please reach out to us as soon as possible to discuss repayment. For loan options, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at 773.508.7704 or e-mail lufinaid@luc.edu. If your balance is not paid by the end of the term, your account may be sent to a third party servicer and/or professional collection agency where additional collection costs and fees may be added to your already-existing tuition balance. It is very important that your account is paid by the end of each term.

ECSI (Educational Computer Systems Incorporated) handles the billing and customer service of your student loans. ECSI is a billing service for the university, not a collection agency. For more information, or to review your account online, please visit heartland.ecsi.net. To contact ECSI by phone, call: 888.549.3274.

Payments can be made online directly through your ECSI account. Please visit ECSI’s website for additional payment information.