Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Bursar

Medical Student Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance coverage is mandatory for all medical students.

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has mandated that all medical schools make disability insurance available to their students. All Loyola medical students have been covered by this mandatory plan since 1995. We believe that disability insurance is a necessity for all medical students as a source of income to pay living expenses, loan repayment, etc, in the event of disability.

While no medical student anticipates needing disability coverage, unexpected or catastrophic medical illness or injury can arise. In these cases, this policy provides essential coverage to the affected person.

The Stritch School of Medicine disability program has been specifically designed for the Consortium of Illinois Medical Schools. Unum Corporation underwrites the policy and Rx Financial Resources, Inc./KME Insurance Brokerage, Inc will provide service to you.

Monthly Disability Benefit
First & Second Year $1,500.00
Third & Fourth Year $2,000.00

Plan Features:

  • Benefit Period—To Age 65
  • Waiting Period—180 days
  • Guaranteed Issue—An individual policy issued without medical or financial questions.
  • Portability—Upon graduation your policy can be continued into Residency and private practice.
  • Substantial Premium Discounts—Lower premiums to age 65.
  • Comprehensive Coverage—Professional definition of disability

Once enrolled in the Unum insurance policy, students will receive an individual policy outlining coverage and a “service packet” containing more detailed information.

The cost of this coverage is the responsibility of each individual student. Students are billed the first semester of the school year. The annual premium for a student age 25 and under is $242.61 for the $1,500 per month benefit and increases to $312.65 for the $2,000 per month benefit. Premiums are slightly higher for older students.

In the event of an approved leave of absence from the Stritch School of Medicine, students have the option of paying the premium for the Disability Insurance directly to RX Financial Resources, INC/KME Insurance Brokerage, Inc. Students are encouraged to maintain continuous coverage. Interruptions in coverage may cause a student to see a change in their plan upon resumption of enrollment and continuation of the mandatory insurance.

Questions? Please call KME Insurance Brokerage, Inc. at 312.374.1328.