Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Bursar

iPlan Adjust Budget

At certain points in the year, it may be useful to adjust your iPlan budget. For example, if you listed anticipated Financial Aid (including alternative loans or outside scholarships) in the "Other Credits" section while setting up your iPlan, you will want to adjust the budget to clear out these placeholder items and pull in your actual Financial Aid Award information once your award has been updated. The Adjust Budget feature will also pick up any additional charges that have posted to your account after initially setting up your iPlan.

To Adjust Your iPlan:

  1. Login to LOCUS at LUC.edu/LOCUS using your Univ ID and Password
  2. Select "Financial Account
  3. Click "Installment Plan - iPlan"
  4. Click "View/Create iPlan"
  5. Click the "View/Pay/Adjust" link next to the current year's iPlan
  6. Click the yellow "Adjust Budget" button
  7. You will then be taken through the same Budget Wizard process as when you initially set up your iPlan. Any financial aid and charges that have been added to your account since you enrolled in the iPlan will be pulled in and your total budget and payments will be adjusted accordingly.*

*NOTE: If any new financial aid (alternative loans, etc.) has posted to your account since setting up your original iPlan, make sure the aid is selected (checkmark in box) when adjusting your budget so that it is included in your final budget amount. New charges will automatically be included.