LinkedIn is a Business-Orientated Social Networking Service. It is a professional Facebook, where you can advertise yourself and your skills on a profile for potential employers to see.

How to Add a LinkedIn Button to your ePortfolio

1)      Log into your LinkedIn Profile.

2)      Follow this link: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/profile-badges

3)      Pick which button looks best for you and copy the code in the text box next to the button.

4)      Log into your ePortfolio

5)      Navigate into a Text and Image Section and open the editor.

6)      Click on the HTML/Source Button at the top left of the text editor.

7)      Find where you want to put your LinkedIn button, and then paste the code from the LinkedIn where you want it on your page.

8)      Click the HTML/Source button again.

9)      “Save and Return”.