PollEverywhere is a Polling software that is perfect for your PSYC classes and any other class that needs some data from people! Keep in mind that PollEverywhere currently only allows 40 responses for a free poll!

How to Make a PollEverywhere Poll

  • Go to www.polleverywhere.com.
  • Create a free account.
  • Once logged into your free account, click "Create Poll".

  • From "Create Poll", enter your poll question into the question box.
  • Next, you can select if you would like to receive open-ended responses (participants can submit anything they want), or multiple choice answers (you write multiple answers that participants then select), or even a clickable image as an answer.  I chose multiple choice.

  • Once you have created your poll question and selected the type of response you want to receive, click “Create Poll.”
  • Once you have created your poll, click on the “Share and Publish” tab on the bottom left of the screen.

  • Your options for “Share and Publish” should look like this.

  • "Live Cisualization Link" offers a link that users can click, directing them to a page that will utilize a text-message response format users can use to respond.

  • “Web Response Link” offers a link that users can click, directing them to a page from which they can respond directly, without the use of text-messaging.  This option takes you to a web-preview, from which you can select “Get the Link.”
  • Now that you have a link (either the "Live Visualization Link" or "Web Response Link," or both!) you can utilize them in TaskStream.
  • You can place this link under any page of your ePortfolio by selecting “Links” from the “Add” Section at the bottom of any page.

  • Once you have clicked “Links,” you simply paste your link into the proper section.  You can also add a title to you link, as well as a description.

  • Once you have filled out all required fields, you can click “Add Link.”

  • The final step is to click “Save and Return” after you have attached your link to the page. 

Now you can successfully utilize PollEverywhere on your ePortfolio!