Prezi is a "zooming presentation editor" that allows you to visually communicate information in an integrated way. Including a Prezi in your ePortfolio demonstrates technological proficiency and an innovative approach to sharing information.

How to Make a Prezi

  • To create and embed a Prezi, you will need to create a FREE account at www.prezi.com. Once you have an account, you can create, edit, and publish a Prezi presentation. As a student, you are eligible for a Student/Teacher License, which will give you additional editing and sharing capabilities!

  • After you have finished creating your Prezi, login to TaskStream and select the Folio/Web Page you wish to edit.

  • Select the area in the left navigation pane where you would like to include the video

  • Click on "Embed Media" in the "Add" bar at the bottom

  • In the URL box, paste the link from Prezi (e.g. www.prezi.com/hereismyprezi) and give the Prezi a title.  Select whether you would like to display the title by checking the box.

  • Click "Add".

  • Click "Save and Return", which will embed the Prezi into the ePortfolio, like below!

A Sample Prezi