PowToon is a free and easy way to create dynamic and engaging animated presentations!

How to Make a PowToon

  • To embed a PowToon presentation go to www.powtoon.com and sigh up for a FREE account

  • You can watch tutorials for creating Powtoons here: http://www.powtoon.com/blog/category/videos/tutorials

  • After you create your Powtoon presentation on the Powtoon site click “Publish” found on the top tool bar.

  • Select “Upload to YouTube” and add your YouTube account (Youtube accounts can also be created for free at www.youtube.com)

  • Grant access to your YouTube account (they will only use this to upload your presentation)

  • Select “Standard 480P”

  • Select a category from the dropdown box labeled “Category” and add a description if you wish

  • Click “Publish”

  • You will receive a confirmation email (like the one shown below) with the URL to your PowToon once it has successfully uploaded to YouTube. Copy the URL (the one highlighted in blue in the photo).


  • Login to TaskStream, click "Folios & Webpages" on the top toolbar

  • Select the Folio/Web Page you wish to edit

  • Select the area in the left navigation panel where you would like to include the PowToon.

  • Click on "Embed Media" in the "Add" toolbar at the bottom.

  • Paste the link into the URL box and add a title.

  • Click “Add”

  • Click “Save and Return” and your PowToon will successfully be embedded!

A Sample PowToon