Your ePortfolio tells your unique story!  Have you recently traveled and have a story to tell?  Then Tripline is a fabulous tool for you to use!

How to Make a Tripline Map

  • Go to Tripline and create a FREE account.

  • On the home page, click "Create a new map."

  • Complete the information such as a title and visibility and click "Create my map."  If you would like to embed your map directly into your ePortfolio, you will want to set your visibility to "public."

  • Search for your locations and add them to your map.  After you have added all your locations, click "Save & Exit" in the top right corner.

  • Now you can go into each of your locations and add details, stories, pictures, etc. to your locations!  Move your mouse over each of the location names (in this example:  Disney's Saratoga Springs ...) and four pictures will appear:  

    1. Edit title and story

    2. Add photos (You can add photos by uploading them OR through a number of social media locations!  Very convenient!)

    3. Delete this place

    4. Add comment.


  • ‌After you have added all your details to your map, it's time to publish!  Click the "share" button.

  • Use either the link or thumbnail options to insert the map into your ePortfolio.  

  • If using the thumbnail option, you will be able to embed the map directly into your ePortfolio.  Follow these steps:

    • Select the section/tab where you would like to include the document(s)

    • Insert a new Text & Image section using the toolbar at the bottom of your screen:

You can also edit an existing Text & Image section where you want to include the document(s):

  • Once you are in the Text & Image section where you want to embed the photo(s), click the “HTML/Source” button.


  • Copy & paste the code directly from thumbnail box into your HTML source code editor.

  • Click "Save and Return" which will embed the map into your portfolio!