Timelines can be a great way to showcase your ability to start and finish a project. You can use a timeline to present chronological information - like professional experience listed on a resume - or to share detailed information about how you started and finished a research project, internship, service experience, etc. Be sure to include visuals and key milestones along the way.

How to Make a Timetoast Timeline

  • To create and embed an interactive, multimedia timeline, you will need to have a TimeToast account, which you can create for FREE at www.timetoast.com. Once you have an account, you can create a timeline, edit your timeline details, add events, add timespans, and customize your interactive timeline.
  • After you have your timeline created, login to TaskStream and select the Folio/Web Page you wish to edit.
  • Select the area in the left navigation pane where you would like to include the timeline
  • Click on "Embed Media" in the "Add" bar at the bottom

  • In the URL box, paste the link from Timetoast (e.g.www.timetoast.com/hereismytimeline) and give the timeline a title.  Select whether you would like to display the title by checking the box. 
  • Click "Add"

  • Click "Save and Return" which will embed the timeline into your ePortfolio!