Interdisciplinary Research Fellowship Pic


The Interdisciplinary Research Fellowship connects undergraduate students with two faculty members in different disciplines on a research project that engages multiple disciplinary lenses. In an effort to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, this fellowship was created to provide a pathway for students to engage directly in interdisciplinary research. With support from two faculty mentors from different disciplinary perspectives, students are encourage to engage in research that demonstrates how knowledge creation is enhanced with multi-disciplinary approaches.

Students are encouraged to identify their community partner and faculty mentor on their own, as well as their research question and methodological approaches in the application. Apply to the Interdisciplinary Research Fellowship online


The meaningful rewards of a fellowship have little to do with money, but the program does provide financial support. Fellows receive a $2,000 award paid in three installments, $500 at the beginning of their term of research, $1,000 midway through, and $500 in the spring, after they present at Loyola’s spring research symposium

Research Budgets

Additionally, fellows can apply to receive up to $1,000 in a research budget. The research budget is not awarded as a lump sum. For each request, fellows and mentors must submit a budget request to lurop@luc.edu including whatever additional documentation is required depending on the method you are using to access the budget. Both mentor and fellow should always be on the e-mail submitting these forms.