Undergraduate Research Fellowship

CCIH, in support of the Catholic Studies Minor, funds a year-long fellowship to undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in the Catholic Studies Minor program.  This fellowship was first designed in tandem with CCIH funded faculty research projects. However, it has gradually morphed into an opportunity for students to research and present on topics that are near or intriguing to them. Thus, students can either operate as research assistants to Center-funded faculty-led projects, or may construct their own, accompanied by a faculty mentor of their choosing. 

Students submit completed applications online through the Loyola Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (LUROP) by March 1.‌

Current Undergraduate Research Fellows

Sarah LaVanway (2020-2021)
Majors: Theology, Global and International Studies
Minor: Catholic Studies

Frances Rafferty (2020-2021)
Major: Environmental Policy
Minor: Catholic Studies

Past Undergraduate Research Fellows

Joseph I. De Larauze (2018-2019)
Majors: Economics, English
Minors: Business Administration, Catholic Studies

Sarah Miklius (2018-2019)
Major: International Studies
Minors: Catholic Studies, Peace Studies

Sylvester Francis Alonz (2017-2018)
Majors: Religious Studies
Minor: Catholic Studies

Jenna Meyers (2017-2018)
Major: Economics
Minors: Business Administration, Catholic Studies, Theatre

Jay Egan (2016-2017)
Majors: Philosophy
Minor: Catholic Studies

Michael Malucha (2016-2017)
Major: Philosophy
Minors: Catholic Studies

Gustav Roman (2015-2016)
Major: English
Minors: Catholic Studies, History, Theology

Katie Dubielak (2015-2016)
Major: Social Work
Minor: Catholic Studies

Zac Davis (2014-2015)
Majors: Philosophy, Theology
Minor: Catholic Studies

Caley Terry (2014-2015)
Majors: English, Theology
Minor: Catholic Studies

Evan Thompson (2014-2015)
Major: History
Minor: Catholic Studies

Sarah Balas (2013-2014)
Major: English
Minor: Catholic Studies

Steven Patzke (2013-2014)
Majors: Theology, Philosophy
Minors: Catholic Studies, Pastoral Leadership

Mario L. Cuttone (2012-2013)
Majors: Accounting and Sport Management
Minor: Catholic Studies

Martha Ligas (2012-2013)
Majors: Psychology and Sociology
Minor: Catholic Studies

Gerard James Luisi II (2012-2013)
Majors: Philosophy and Political Science
Minor: Catholic Studies

Zachary Hugo (2011-2012)
Majors: Philosophy, Theology
Minor: Catholic Studies

Courtney Clark (2011-2012)
Majors: Religious Studies, Global and International Studies
Minors: French, Catholic Studies

Past Hank Center Undergraduate Research Assistants

2018-2019: Joseph De Laurauze and Emily Kate Marticello

2017-2018: Amy Christenson & Sarah O'Hanian

2016-2017: Angelo Jesus Canta & Gustav Roman

2015-2016: Ron Amiscaray, Gustav Roman, & Guy Valponi

2014-2015: Angelo Jesus Canta & Zac Davis

2013-2014: Paul Jentz, Samantha Ropski, & Alicen Schade

2011-2012: Lucia Wiley-Kellerman

2010-2011: Nuria Martinez

2009-2010:Daniel Wood