Starting in spring semester 2022, the John Grant Endowment for Health Care Ethics will be offering 3 research fellowships in bioethics. These fellowships will be awarded to undergraduate students who propose a research plan to work with a faculty member or doctoral student on a project of their choosing that relates to health care, bioethics, human health and the environment, human or animal research, biotechnologies, or any other bioethics-related topic.

How To Apply:

Before applying, students must find a faculty member or graduate student who will agree to serve as their mentor. John Grant fellows can expect their mentor to teach them the skills needed to conduct the research, meet regularly with them to assess progress, and offer feedback on how to present the research. At the same time, fellows have certain responsibilities to their mentors, completing work on time, communicating their progress regularly, and assisting their mentor where their project overlaps with their mentor's work. Mentors and fellows are all expected to outline these expectations in a John Grant Fellowship Learning Agreement shortly after winning the award.

The culmination of the John Grant Fellowship is Loyola's spring research symposium, at which all Grant fellows are expected to share their research projects in either an oral presentation or poster presentation. Fellows are also encouraged to present their work at other conferences, and should rely on their mentors and other fellows for feedback as they construct their presentations.

Fellows will receive a $2000 award paid in two installments, $1000 at the beginning of their term of research, and $1000 at end of semester, after they present at Loyola's spring research symposium. There will also be $500 available to go with each award that students can apply toward purchasing books and other research materials, attending conferences, or other research-related activities.