Coordinated Assistance & Resource Education (CARE)

CARE Empowers Students to Take Lead

Why Loyola students utilize CARE services

CARE Services provide individualized support to students experiencing complex and oftentimes layered difficulties or obstacles that are non-behavioral in nature

  • Multiple factors that effect Academic Success
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Unusual financial difficulties
  • Food and housing insecurity
  • General mental health concerns
  • Social and emotional transition challenges 
  • Feelings of isolation or disconnection from peers
  • Other overwhelming situational stressor(s) on or off campus

Ways CARE services provide support to Loyola students

Once a CARE referral is submitted, DOS will outreach to that student of concern and connect them to resources. When students opt to attend a CARE meeting, they can expect the following services:

  • Private space to process, vent, grieve, etc.
  • Immediate or expedited access to resources
  • Assistance in developing a plan of action that address the student's concern(s)
  • Assistance in communicating needs to faculty, staff, etc.
  • Access to senior administrators
  • Streamlined services designed to eliminate the “bounce” between multiple offices
  • Assistance with some documentation
  • Assist students in navigating financial resources

Make a CARE Referral

Use for: Referring students who may need general assistance overcoming serious personal difficulties, navigating University systems, or getting connected to available resources (examples include students experiencing grief or loss, struggling with depression, or managing economic hardships).

Important note: All referrals will be addressed by a DOS staff member, but if a student is in crisis or imminent risk of harm, please call Campus Safety first (773.508.6039)

Primary contact: Ron Alexander, Assistiant Dean of Students & CARE Case Manager