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Financial Assistance and Resources

DOS Care Fund

The Office of the Dean of Students (DOS) is available to support students who experience unforeseen financial emergencies during the academic year. Requests for emergency CARE funds available through DOS are considered on a case-by-case basis.  

Funding for emergency hardships may include support for the following:  

  • Books and essential academic course materials 
  • Food and basic needs  
  • Travel or transportation due to an unanticipated crisis, family emergency, or other urgent circumstance 
  • Emergency travel home
  • Moving expenses due to unforeseen emergency circumstances
  • Other personal expenses as a result of a personal emergency

Loyola students are eligible to receive emergency CARE funds once per academic year up to $500.00. The amount awarded is determined by need and is subject to the availability of funds. CARE funds are not a substitute for financial aid or student loans and may not be applied toward tuition and fees. All financial aid and student loan options must be reviewed before being considered for CARE funds. 

Eligibility for financial hardship funds:  

  • Must be a currently enrolled student or demonstrate future enrollment for continuing students 
  • Must have exhausted all other possible financial resources, including student loans, before applying for emergency hardship funds 
  • To request support, submit a Personal Concerns CARE Referral and complete a DOS CARE Funds form. 

Financial Aid

Financial wellness refers to the “overall financial health of an individual”. In understanding that financial wellness is fundamental to each student’s experience, Loyola strives to provide resources for students that build financial literacy. Take a look at these resources below: 

The Financial Aid Officeprovides one-on-one services and reminders for things you need in order to be most successful at Loyola. Visit their website.  

  • Loyola studentsmust file FAFSA every year in order to be considered for financial aid (loans, work-study, and scholarships). 
  • iGradis a platform to build financial literacy in financial aid, budgeting, banking, investing and so much more.  Learn more.
  • Scholarshipsare essentially free money. See if you qualify for any scholarships.
  • Learn about your loans to ensure you fully understand your financial aid package here.  

Additional Resources

Loyola Commitment funds are available to all students who have experienced a significant reduction in household income, causing financial hardship, may apply for tuition and fees assistance. Eligibility and priority will be given to those who have utilized all existing financial aid options, including loans.