Loyola University Chicago

Department of History

Faculty Awards

Faculty Member of the Year

Timothy Gilfoyle 2018
Anthony Cardoza 2007
Theodore Karamanski 2003
Joseph A. Gagliano 1996
William R. Trimble 1979
Paul S. Lietz 1973

SGLC and “Maroon and Gold” Society
Faculty Member of the Year

Robert Bucholz 2015

Graduate School Faculty Member of the Year
Patricia Mooney Melvin 2002
Theodore Karamanski 1994

Provost’s Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Freshmen
David Dennis 2015
Robert Bucholz 2013

Langerbeck Award for Undergraduate Mentorship
John Donoghue 2014

Sujack Award for Excellence in Research
Gema Kloppe-Santamaría 2021
Alice Weinreb 2018
Edin Hajdarpasic 2016
Stephen Schloesser, S.J. 2015
Elizabeth Shermer 2014

Master Researcher in the College of Arts and Sciences
Aidan Forth 2018
Kyle Roberts 2017
Michael Khodarkovsky 2013

Loyola University Faculty Scholar
Barbara Rosenwein 2001-2006
Robert Bireley, S.J. 2000-2005

Sujack Award for Excellence in Teaching
Kyle Roberts 2016
Robert Bucholz 1994 (inaugural winner)

Master Teacher in the College of Arts and Sciences
Marek Suszko 2021
Suzanne Kaufman 2016
Suzanne Kaufman 2015
Kyle Roberts 2014
Dina Berger 2014
John Donoghue 2012
Anthony Cardoza 2011
Marek Suszko 2010
David Dennis 2000, 2003

Teacher of the Year, Loyola Honors Program
Robert Bucholz 1997, 1998
John McManamon, S.J. 1987, 1988

Lake Shore Student Government Association
“Excellence in Teaching” Award

Robert Bucholz 1993, 1994.