Loyola University Chicago

Department of History

Faculty and Staff Directory


Professor and Chair
CC 515
Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director
CC 523
Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director
CC 506
Administrative Assistant
 CC 539
Graduate Program Assistant 
CC 501 

Pre-Modern History

Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
BUCHOLZ, Robert O. Professor Crown Center 521 773.508.2594
DOSSEY, Leslie Associate Professor Crown Center 533 773.508.3664
GROSS-DIAZ, Theresa Associate Professor
Co-Director, Medieval Studies Program
Crown Center 545 773.508.2225
MILLER, Tanya Stabler Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director
Interim Co-Director, Medieval Studies Program
Crown Center 506 773.508.2288

World History

Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
ALLEE, Mark Associate Professor Crown Center 543 773.508.2224
GHAZZAL, Zouhair Associate Professor Crown Center 547 773.508.3493
PINCINCE, John Senior Lecturer and Director of Asian Studies Program Crown Center 527 773.508.2238
SEARCY, Kim Associate Professor Crown Center 531 773.508.2239
SANTAMARIA, Gema Assistant Professor Crown Center 504 773.508.2315
VALUSSI, Elena Senior Lecturer Crown Center 552 773.508.2227

Modern European History

Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
CARDOZA, Anthony L. Professor Crown Center 519 773.508.2236
DENNIS, David B. Professor Crown Center 505 773.508.2234
FORTH, Aidan Associate Professor Crown Center 546 773.508.2237
HAJDARPASIC, Edin Associate Professor Crown Center 541 773.508.2230
JONES HEMENWAY, Elizabeth Senior Lecturer and Director, Women's Studies/Gender Studies Program Crown Center, Suite 117 773.508.2934
KAUFMAN, Suzanne Associate Professor Crown Center 513 773.508.2233
KHODARKOVSKY, Michael Professor Crown Center 507 773.508.2775
SCHLOESSER, Stephen, S.J. Professor
Department Chair
Crown Center 515 773.508.2217
SUSZKO, Marek Senior Lecturer Crown Center 508 773.508.2216
WEINREB, Alice Associate Professor Crown Center 550 773.508.3492
WILSON, Andrew Lecturer LT 926/CC 552

United States History

Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
DONOGHUE, John Associate Professor Crown Center 535 773.508.2433
FRATERRIGO, Elizabeth Associate Professor Crown Center 509 773.508.2231
GILFOYLE, Timothy J. Professor Crown Center 511 773.508.2232
GORN, Elliott J. Professor
Joseph A. Gagliano Chair in American Urban History
Crown Center 559 773.508.8679
JOHNSON, Benjamin H. Associate Professor Crown Center 544 773.508.3082
KARAMANSKI, Theodore Professor
Public History Graduate Director
Crown Center 517 773.508.2684 Fax: 773.508.2153
MANNING, Christopher E. Associate Professor and Assistant Provost on Academic Diversity Crown Center 529 773.508.3081
MOONEY-MELVIN, Patricia Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director Crown Center 523 773.508.2228
NICKERSON, Michelle Associate Professor Crown Center 537 773.508.2595
ROBERTS, Kyle Associate Professor
Director of the Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities
Crown Center 525 773.508.2215
SHERMER, Elizabeth Tandy Associate Professor Crown Center 473 773.508.2064

Full-Time Instructors

Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
O'CONNOR, Kelly Instructor Lewis Towers 926 312-915-7292

Part-Time Instructors

Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
BILETZ, Frank Adjunct Instructor, Part-Time Water Tower Campus
BINKLEY, John Instructor, Part-Time CC 334C
BUCKLEY, Con Adjunct Instructor, Part-Time Crown Center 334D
CANDELORO, Dominic Adjunct Instructor, Part-Time Crown Center 334D
CASEY, Brian Instructor, Part-Time Crown Center 334D
LACY, Tim Instructor, Part-Time Crown Center 334D
LAPSLEY, Joseph Adjunct Instructor, Part-Time Crown Center 334C
LORENZINI, Pietro Part-Time Instructor
MANNING, Kathleen Instructor, Part-Time Crown Center 334C
MCCHESNEY, Meagan Part-Time Instructor Crown Center 523
MILLER, Andrew Part-Time Instructor Crown Center 506
NAYLOR, Paul Part-Time Instructor
PADILLA, Victor Instructor, Part-Time LT 915D
RALEIGH, Peter Part-Time Instructor Crown Center 559
SAMIE, August Instructor, Part-Time Crown Center 334D
SHOOK, Carl Part-Time Instructor

Graduate Assistants

Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
AMYX, Matthew Teaching Assistant CC 557
BENSLEY, Lucas Teaching Assistant CC 557
CLAY, Janette Teacher of Record CC 557
COYNE, June Teaching Assistant Crown Center 334C
DAVIS, Emily Teaching Assistant CC 557
ELLSTRAND, Nathan Teacher of Record CC 557
JACOBSON, Sean Teaching Assistant CC 557
LAHTI, Hannah Teaching Assistant
LIABRAATEN, Catherine Teaching Assistant CC 557
MADDEN, Rachel Teaching Assistant
MILLER, Ve'Amber Research Assistant
NORVELL, Matthew Teaching Assistant
ORAM, Ruby Arthur J. Schmitt Dissertation Fellowship in Leadership and Service Crown Center 557
SCHMIDT, Elizabeth Research Assistant
SHANNON, Hope Career Diversity Fellow
SUCESE, Noel Teaching Assistant CC 557
TAYLOR, Emily-Paige Teaching Assistant CC 557
WUEPPER, Sebastian Research Assistant Crown Center 557
ZEIMET, Alicia Research Assistant CC 557


Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
HAYS, David Administrative Assistant CC 539 773-508-2221
LIBARIS, Timothy Graduate Program Assistant CC 501 773-508-2182