Loyola University Chicago

Department of History

Current History Graduate Students

(Updated 5/24/2024)

PhD Candidates

 United States History
  Lucas Bensley
Dissertation: "Daring Dames and Dirty Deeds": Burlesque and Censorship Politics in Chicago, 1850-1970
Director: Dr. Timothy Gilfoyle
  June Coyne
Dissertation: A Cultural History of Educational Software
Director: Dr. Elliott Gorn

Noël Sucese
Dissertation: Selling the Spell: The Commodification of Feminist Witchcraft
Director: Dr. Ellie Shermer

 Public History and United States History
  Ina Cox
Dissertation: The De Mau Mau Conspiracy: The Specter of Black Vietnam Veterans in the Exercise of Police Power, 1968-1974
Director: Dr. Edin Hajdarpasic
  Hannah Lahti
Dissertation: In Living Memory: Representing Jewish Life and the Holocaust at the Auschwitz Jewish Center and the Museum of Jewish Heritage — A Living Memorial to the Holocaust
Director: Dr. Patricia Mooney-Melvin
  Anthony Stamilio
Dissertation: Factories of Fame: Production of American Popular Culture in Nineteenth-Century Chicago Theaters
Director: Dr. Timothy Gilfoyle
  Emily-Paige Taylor
Dissertation: Lost in the Woods: Mobile Logging Company Towns of the Pacific Northwest, 1911 – 1970
Director: Dr. Timothy Gilfoyle

PhD Degree Students

United States

  • Rachel McGough

Public History and United States History

MA Students

United States

  • Alejandra Echeverria
  • Nathan Lewitz
  • Minela Muminovic
  • Kelsey Rodriguez
  • Jonathan White
  • Quinn Wilkinson

Public History

  • Jacob Barrett
  • Ana Bittner
  • Marin Burke
  • Dariel Chaidez
  • Kyle Harris
  • Logan Jaffe
  • Lindsey Meza
  • Chandler Tapella
  • Grace Tony
  • Anna Wilmhoff

Public History/Master of Library and Information Science Dual-Degree

  • Megan Christianson
  • John Feeley
  • Thomas Prus
  • Emilia Salcido
  • Alli Szywala
  • Mazzy Teich

BA/MA Students

  • Harrison Seeling

Non-Degree Seeking Students

  • Alexis Garcia
  • Gemma Rosenthall