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From our program founder:

Welcome to the Loyola Public History 40th Anniversary site. The years since 1980 seem to have flown past very quickly, but history is like that as we know all too well. Since that time, the field of public history has grown and evolved into a world-wide movement.  We now have tools and techniques to share stories with the public that were undreamed of in 1980. Gone are the Kodak carousels, audio cassettes, and VHS tapes once vital elements of public history media. While technical change has enhanced public history, the COVID-19 crisis has presented daunting challenges to veteran public historians and compromised the hopes of recent graduates. We must take solace in the knowledge that although it has never been easy to forge a career in public history, there is a way forward from this moment. At a time when the nation’s streets ring out with calls for justice and understanding, when monuments to the past tumble to the ground, the need for public historians is greater than ever.


On behalf of all of Loyola’s history faculty, past and present, let me express our gratitude for the energy, imagination, and enthusiasm of students who have made the program what it is today. It has been a privilege to work with you as students and we are proud of the diverse directions you have taken with your post graduate careers.


-Dr. Theodore J. Karamanski

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