Loyola University Chicago

Department of History

Polish Resistance (AK) Foundation Scholarship

The scholarship was established in 2010 by the Polish Resistance (AK) Foundation to promote and encourage undergraduate study and research in Polish History, the history of the Polish Underground State, and/or the Polish Home Army. The scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students currently enrolled in Loyola University Chicago and is awarded by the University through the Department of History. To be considered for the scholarship, students must complete the following:

  • Application with a description of the proposed project of study. The application deadline is April 30. Here is a link to the application: Polish Resistance AK Foundation Scholarship.
  • The proposed project must examine some aspect of Polish history, the history of the Polish Underground State, and/or the Polish Home Army during World War II. Preference will be given to projects exploring some aspect of the history of the Polish Underground State or the Polish Home Army.
  • Students may participate in and complete the project as an independent study under the supervision and approval of a Loyola University Chicago faculty member, or in conjunction with an authorized course, with the approval of the instructor. [i]
  • Students will be required to present a typewritten essay based primarily upon primary sources of 20 pages or more in length upon the completion of the project at the end of the semester or summer session in which they were awarded the scholarship.
  • Successful applicants may defer the start of the project and scholarship to a summer session or fall semester upon the approval of the selection committee and sponsoring faculty.

Scholarship award recipients are chosen by a committee composed of the Chair of the Department of History, the Director of the Polish Studies Program and a Professor of Polish history, or their equivalents. Students will receive one-half of the scholarship at the start of the semester and the remainder upon completion of the project at the end of the semester.

If no applicants are qualified or none apply for the scholarship, the available funds will be redeposited to the Loyola University Chicago endowment created by the Polish Resistance (AK) Foundation and located in the Department of History. 

[i] Such courses may include(but are not limited to): HIST 300—Topics in History; Hist 300C—Topics in European History (post-1700); HIST 316—History of Poland;HIST 321—Europe in the Nineteenth Century, 1815–1900; HIST 330—Europe in the 20th Century, 1900–1945; HIST 335—The Second World War; HIST 336—Contemporary Europe, 1945 to the Present; HIST 339C—Modern Europe and the Arts; HIST 397H—History Honors Tutorial; HIST 399—Directed Study; and any course related to Polish history.